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The Ultimate Bali Indonesia Travel Guide

This will be the only Bali travel guide that you will need. I break down everything that you need to know about Bali, my entire trip day by day, and tips so that your trip can be as epic as mine. Flight I flew EVA Airlines from Chicago to Taiwan, and then Taiwan to Bali.… Continue reading The Ultimate Bali Indonesia Travel Guide

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12 Ways to Survive Long Flights

I think I'm alone in this one, but I love long flights. In my daily life, I rarely sit still for 10+ hours straight, so I look forward to long trips. People always ask me how I manage on a long flight. Let's discuss 12 things that you can do to survive a long flight.… Continue reading 12 Ways to Survive Long Flights

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Bali, Indonesia Helicopter Ride

I took a helicopter ride over Bali, and it was a captivating and mind-blowing experience. Some people travel to Bali to surf on the beautiful beaches. I wanted to see the beaches from a different view. I am always looking to do something super exciting and a little bit different from what the average person… Continue reading Bali, Indonesia Helicopter Ride

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6 Friends to Include on Your Girls Trip

Girls Trippin’ 4 Part SeriesPart 2 OF 4: 6 Friends To Include on Your Girls TripThe Friend That Has MoneyLet's be real, nobody is going anywhere if they can’t pay. This friend has money and is ready to pay as soon as you mention you are taking a girl's trip. She isn't on the trip… Continue reading 6 Friends to Include on Your Girls Trip

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How to Prevent Being Swindled When Booking Travel

In recent news, there have been insane stories about people being swindled out of their money when booking travel. There are many great travel agencies and groups to choose from, but a few give others a bad name. Being defrauded may come in many forms, such as: Deception with the intention to never book your… Continue reading How to Prevent Being Swindled When Booking Travel

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Bruised in Canggu, Bali

Shera leaves the villa every night and goes walking. Walking in itself is not a crime, but she comes back with awful bruises. The first bruise was a big black bruise on her left arm. Then next night, she returned with a bruise on her right knee. We all wanted to know where she went,… Continue reading Bruised in Canggu, Bali