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Jurassic Quest Review

Jurassic Quest is the largest dinosaur exhibition in North America. The exhibit features life-size, realistic, moving museum-like dinosaurs. There are over seventy animatronic dinosaurs from the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic Periods. Paleontologists were used to making sure that the dinosaurs were replicated even to the most delicate details. 


Currently, the experience is a drive-thru no touching allowed event. From your car, you can see the dinosaurs in action. There is also an audio tour to enjoy with commentary from entertainers that teaches you even more about the dinosaurs. At the end of the event, you receive a safari-style photograph. 

Jurassic Quest Saint Louis


Regular Vehicle Ticket – (For Up To 8 People) – $49 plus fees and taxes
Extra Large Vehicle Ticket – (For 9-15 People)- $80 plus fees and taxes
There are also additional packages you can purchase as add-ons that include dinosaur surprises. 


  • I love that it is a drive-through, and everyone is socially distanced and don’t have to worry about staying 6 feet apart.
  • I think they did a great job with the design of the dinosaurs. They look as close to accurate as you can get. The designs are very detailed, right down to the smallest feature. 
  • If you have children, they will have the time of their lives. All you could hear were kids yelling and screaming with excitement. 


  • I do not think it is worth the price. The price of $49 per vehicle is a little bit much for what you get. There were only two people in my car, so it did not seem worth it, but if you maximize the number of people allowed, you may get a bang for your buck.
  • The original in person even had over 100+ dinosaurs and many different activities to take part in. I wish there were a way to add more dinosaurs since you cannot enjoy any other features. It goes by really fast, and I was left with a “that’s it” feeling.

Tips For a Successful Trip

  • Tune in to audio if you would like to experience the event and learn about the dinosaurs fully.
  • Bring a spare phone or camera for photos. The audio feature has to be accessed on a cellular device. 
  • Get there early because the line gets long fast.
  • Check the forecast. Of course, you don’t want it to rain while you are trying to enjoy the dinosaurs. That’s no fun.
  • Don’t forget about the free photo at the end. Have fun with it.

The Midwest Migration

The drive-through travels all over the United States. If you missed the Saint Louis date, please do not miss the other stops on the ‘Great Midwest Migration.’

Saint Louis, MO – April 9-25
Indianapolis, IN – April 30-May 9
Kansas City, MO – May 14-30
Detroit, MI – June -18-July 4
Chicago, IL – July 9-25th

Make sure you stay focused until the very end so that you do not miss customer favorites such as the T-Rex, Spinosaurus, and Triceratops. 

Purchase your tickets, and find out more here: 



  1. This looks like a lot of fun for kids. I’m glad you left your overall impression because it’s definitely not worth $49

  2. I like the idea of a drive-thru, but then I started thinking about how much gas is being wasted lol. Also, how long is the tour? This sounds like a pretty cool exhibit to check out for a road trip!

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