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7 Tips For Visiting The Great Wall of China

People from all over the world go to China to see the Great Wall, one of the seven wonders of the world. The Great Wall became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. Every year over 10 million people visit the Great Wall, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. I enjoyed my time at the Great Wall and would like to offer tips to help make your trip a success.


1. Go Early
If you would like the Great Wall all to yourself, it is best to go as early as possible. By doing this, you will beat the crowds and have the opportunity to capture the best photos.

2. Pick The Best Section 
Pick the section that you are most interested in seeing. There are many sections of the Great Wall to choose from; here are some of the most frequent spots.


Badaling Great Wall
Badaling is the closest section to Beijing, so it is the most convenient to get to, and there are usually a lot of people in this section. It is also the best-preserved and most complete section. This is the section that I decided to visit for the first time, but many avoid this section due to the crowds. The stairs are not as steep, and it is equipped with handrails making it much easier to climb and a good option if you need assistance.

Jinshanling Great Wall (Photographers Paradise)
This section of the Great Wall is about a two-hour drive from Beijing; therefore, there are fewer tourists. Photographers love this section because of the zigzags, and it is situated on the Jinshanling Mountains, offering a breath-taking view.

Mutianyu Great Wall
Mutianyu is also one of the best-preserved sections. There are fewer tourists, and the scenery is breath-taking.

Simatai Great Wall
This part of the Great Wall has recently been restored and is now open for tourists. This is also the only section open for a night tour. Photographers love this area of the wall because it is very scenic.

Jiankou Great Wall (Arrow Nock)
Jiankou is one of the most dangerous sections of the Great Wall. It is also the most photographed section of the wall because of the mountains, scenery, and construction style.


Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Huanghuacheng is a top section to visit if you are taking a hiking tour. During the summer, you can see a field of wildflowers in the village below. Many visitors opt to take a boat to this section to see the Great Wall from a different angle.

3. Check The Weather
It was raining the day I went, and the fog was incredibly bad. Because of this, I did not get the best photos. I was ok with the fog because it was more critical for me to go and have the experience. If you are a photographer or want the best photos, checking the weather will save you the heartache of missing your sweet shot, or having to reschedule.


4. Bring Water & Food
Restaurants are located in the valley when you first get to the Great Wall, but there are no restaurants along the wall. If you are hiking, it is essential to bring food and water. I suggest that everyone bring water, whether they are hiking or not.


5. Pick the Best Season
Summer is scorching, and there are more crowds during the summer months. It is less crowded in the winter, but it is very cold. The best time to visit is during Spring and Fall. I went in Spring, during April, and the weather and crowd was perfect.

6. Prepare to Hike
If you decide to take a hike on the Great Wall, make sure that you have your hiking essentials- boots, hat, sunglasses, walking pole, backpack, water, and food. Good luck!

7. Avoid the Weekend
The weekend is much busier, and you will have a hard time getting pictures or enjoying yourself due to the crowds.

Check Out my video of my exciting day at the Great Wall of China

Have you been to the Great Wall? What tips do you have for others? Which area of the wall did you visit?


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