A Story of Perseverance- Fiji & Sekumpul Waterfalls

I’ve always found waterfalls to be very captivating. There was no way that my trip to Bali would conclude without seeing Fiji and Sekumpul waterfalls. Someone told me that I wouldn’t be able to do either waterfall because the journey would be too intense for me. I knew I could do it, and nothing would stop me. I grabbed my water bottle, camera, sunscreen, a beach bag, and sunglasses- I was off.

There are around 400 steps to get to the waterfalls. Going down was easy, but if you take 400 steps down, you must take 400 steps back to the top. I started my journey at 8 am. The ride through the jungle was about 30 minutes. After the drive, I took a motorcycle. The motorcycle ride was about 15 minutes. The first stop was a super fun waterslide. When I arrived, a family was there playing. I had a good time with them. I slid down many times.


On my way down to the waterfalls, there was a point when I realized that I messed up, but I decided to keep going. Yikes!


Next, we continued on our journey through the jungle en route to the waterfalls. The adventure included more hiking, climbing, and walking through rivers. We made it to Fiji waterfall first. Fiji was probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. Fiji is actually three waterfalls, but I couldn’t fit all three into the picture.


Our journey to Sekumpul continues. I got back on the motorcycle, and then we walked down more steps. We stopped at a smaller waterfall along the way. I relaxed and took photos.

After more walking, we finally reached Sekumpul, which was breathtaking. I took photos and decided to relax and enjoy the moment.


The trip walking back up 400 steps was very intense for me. If you are in shape, it may not be as challenging for you. Many people passed me along the way, and I took several breaks. I wanted to give up.


Twice, I stated that I could not make it. My driver held my hand and helped me along the way. In life, there will be times that you want to give up. Many will pass you on your way to the top. Take ten steps and then take a break if you need to, but never give up. You may even need a little help along the way. Go at your own pace, and remember steady wins the race. Like I always say, the body can handle almost anything, but it is the mind that needs convincing. People will tell you that you can’t do it but ignore the naysayers. After climbing, sweating, and a little push from myself, finally, I made it to the top. There is nothing more satisfying than being determined despite the difficulty. The result will be beautiful and rewarding.

Here is a video of my EPIC adventure through the jungle to see Fiji & Sekumpul waterfalls.



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