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Your Ultimate Guide to Ubud, Bali Sacred Monkey Forest

Who loves monkeys? I know I’m not the only monkey lover here. The monkeys at Bali monkey forest made me laugh until my belly hurt. This is your complete guide to an unforgettable experience.

The cost to get into the monkey forest is 80,000 IDR for adults and 60,000 IDR for kids.

I did not bring food to feed the monkeys because it was not something that I was interested in doing. My friend brought food and fed the monkeys, and the monkeys climbed on him and took food from him. He loved it!

What to Bring
I only brought my purse and camera. If you bring too much, you run the risk of the monkeys taking it. Cameras and cell phones are ok. I used my camera to film the entire experience.

What to Wear
I wore a pants romper. There is no dress code, but there are temples there, so I recommend dressing respectfully.


Time Needed
I took my time in the sanctuary, and it took me about 30 minutes. You can move at your own pace. It is not a timed visit.

Getting Around
The sanctuary is flat, and you can get around with ease. There are a few steps throughout, but for the most part, it was low intensity. There is a fish pond, and you have to walk up many steps to view it.


5 Tips
Bali Monkey Forest Forest 5 tips

  1. Do not wear anything too flashy. I saw monkeys snatch earrings off of a lady, so be cautious with jewelry, phones, sunglasses, and anything loose that can be grabbed. Monkeys will grab items in your pockets, so be mindful of forgotten food in your pockets.
  2. Be calm, do not run panic, or move too fast. The monkeys are not aggressive unless they are scared or feel threatened. Fast movement may scare them. If they jump on you, please relax and walk away calmly.
  3. Do not make eye contact. Eye contact is seen as aggressive and threatening.
  4. Do not get too close because they will interact with you. I had a friend get too close, but he wanted monkeys to jump on him, and they did. If they are with their babies, I suggest not getting close at all. The outcome will not turn out good if you do.
  5. Bring bananas if you want to feed them. I did not bring food because I was not interested in feeding them. If you do, bring food and decide to feed them, please be careful.

Overall, this was a fun experience. I highly suggest visiting the monkey forest if you are in Bali. Please check out a short video of my visit to monkey forest. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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If you have been to Bali Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, please comment and share your experience.


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