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The Ultimate Rejuvenation-A Balinese Massage & Flower Bath in Ubud

Flower Bath & Hot Tea
I fed my aching body fresh botanical flowers and submitted it to the sun. My Bali trip was not complete without the quintessential Balinese massage & flower bath. After weeks of traveling, I was exhausted. Traveling is exciting, but it will wear you out if you allow it. I almost canceled my appointment to take an adventurous trip to another temple or waterfall, but I decided to call a time-out.

I have never felt so relaxed in my life. The tub was in front of a patio, revealing a serene garden view. The sound was a peaceful waterfall. I laid back in the tub as the masseuse filled it with warm water. I told her to make it hotter so that my skin would slide off my bones and become one with the water. She poured my tea, and I added honey. She walked out of the room, and I relaxed in solitude. I laid back and forgot about everything. A breathtaking outside view, warm water, and hot tea- the world around me ceased to exist. Because I was fully absorbed at that moment, I had no worries. I poured more tea, closed my eyes, and took deep breaths. I looked at the flowers and held them in my hand. I grabbed a handful of flowers and brought them close enough to my nose for my lips to feel tiny drops of water. I put the stem of a flower in my mouth. I was truly free. I poured more tea and laid back as I felt the warmness of the tea enter my body. “Life is good,” I thought to myself.

flower bath

The Massage
The massage was mind-blowing. I opted for the deepest level, and I allowed the masseuse to go deep without interrupting. They played soothing music, and I fell asleep. I wrote a blog about a Thai massage that I received in Bali. If you did not read it, I strongly suggest it because the experience changed my life. Read it here.

Booking the Service
I choose Udaya Resorts and Spa for the massage & bath. I booked the service several weeks in advance. I suggest booking at least a month in advance because they fill up fast. I did not stay at the resort, but I was able to use the spa services. I had a 60-minute traditional Balinese massage followed by a 30-minute celebration of flowers for a total of IDR 1,089,000. At that time, the conversion was about $75. I had massages every day in Bali, and most were around $25. My appointment was at 9 am. I selected the color, flower arrangement, and wording used. For the bath, you can choose between an oval or a circle tub.


The Fundamentals of Self-Care
Of course, self-care is more than a massage, but when something rejuvenating becomes a routine, it will manifest positive effects in your life. Self-care is essential to our well-being. One of the fundamentals of self-care is consistency. We cannot expect to see benefits if we are not consistent. I will dive deeper into the fundamentals of self-care in my self-care series that I will be rolling out next week. Stay tuned.

Please check out my short Youtube video of my experience at the Udaya Resorts & Spa. Please like my video & subscribe to my channel. I truly appreciate your support.

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What are you doing in the next week to contribute to your overall self-care? Please comment and let me know. XOXO


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