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Bali, Indonesia Helicopter Ride

I took a helicopter ride over Bali, and it was a captivating and mind-blowing experience. Some people travel to Bali to surf on the beautiful beaches. I wanted to see the beaches from a different view. I am always looking to do something super exciting and a little bit different from what the average person… Continue reading Bali, Indonesia Helicopter Ride

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The Ultimate Rejuvenation-A Balinese Massage & Flower Bath in Ubud

Flower Bath & Hot Tea I fed my aching body fresh botanical flowers and submitted it to the sun. My Bali trip was not complete without the quintessential Balinese massage & flower bath. After weeks of traveling, I was exhausted. Traveling is exciting, but it will wear you out if you allow it. I almost… Continue reading The Ultimate Rejuvenation-A Balinese Massage & Flower Bath in Ubud

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A Story of Perseverance- Fiji & Sekumpul Waterfalls

I've always found waterfalls to be very captivating. There was no way that my trip to Bali would conclude without seeing Fiji and Sekumpul waterfalls. Someone told me that I wouldn't be able to do either waterfall because the journey would be too intense for me. I knew I could do it, and nothing would… Continue reading A Story of Perseverance- Fiji & Sekumpul Waterfalls

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Bruised in Canggu, Bali

Shera leaves the villa every night and goes walking. Walking in itself is not a crime, but she comes back with awful bruises. The first bruise was a big black bruise on her left arm. Then next night, she returned with a bruise on her right knee. We all wanted to know where she went,… Continue reading Bruised in Canggu, Bali