Saint Charles Fun Fest

When traveling abroad, it is easy to forget about the treasures in my state. Every Friday, I highlight places, events, and restaurants in my home state- Missouri.

Today is all about Saint Charles Fun Fest

This is a super fun festival that takes place every summer in Saint Charles, Missouri. The fun fest kicks off in the third week of June and wraps up during the 4th of July weekend. For 2020, the dates were June 19-July 5th. It is located at the Lewis & Clark Boathouse parking lot.


Fun Fest is your traditional carnival full of rides, games, drinks, concessions, and FUN!

Most of the rides are flat rides. Some of the rides are ferris wheel, orbiter, pirate ship, tilt-a-whirl, and a carousel. These are the rides that I decided to use, but there are many other kid-friendly rides to choose from. There are plenty of games to play to try and win stuffed animals and other prizes.




General admission starts at $5.00, but you will not be able to ride any of the rides. The tickets are more expensive in the evening. I went at 7 pm, and the general admission ticket was $10.00.

The unlimited ride passes start at $25.00, but in the evening, the unlimited ride pass is $30.00.

Tickets to ride the rides can be purchased at the carnival separately. When I went, I bought a general admission pass to enter the carnival and purchased tickets at the carnival to get on the rides.

There is food available for purchase. They have your traditional carnival food- cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs. There is also soda, beer, and alcohol.


1. Go during the first week. It gets busier as people find out that the carnival is open.
2. Go during the evening. It is scorching hot during the day, and there are not many trees in the area, so you are entirely in the sun. If you go in the afternoon, the sun has gone down, it is cooler, and you will enjoy the carnival more.
3. There are about 4-5 rides that you will want to ride as an adult, so I do not recommend getting the unlimited ride pass. In this case, I suggest general admission and purchasing tickets at the carnival. There is a ticket machine, and you can choose how many tickets you want and purchase with cash or a credit card.
4.The line to get into the carnival is long, so be prepared to wait around 45 minutes to enter.

IMG_0023 2

Tickets can be purchase online at saintcharlesfunfest.com if you are concerned about the event being sold out.

Important things to remember: 
No children allowed without adult supervision
No refunds
No re-entry once you exit the carnival
Entrance to the carnival closes at 8 pm daily
Safety and health precautions can be viewed on the event website

Venue Address: 
1050 South Riverside Drive, Saint Charles, Missouri, 63301, United States


Did you attend Saint Charles Fun Fest? What did you think? If you do not live in Saint Louis. What do you love most about carnivals?

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