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5 Tips to Prevent Passport Theft | How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport

International Travel Fears #1 | 5 Tips to Prevent Passport Theft & How to Replace a Lost Passport

I conducted a survey, and in my Youtube series, International Travel Fears, I am addressing your top fears when traveling abroad. This week I covered a lost or stolen passport. First, I offer prevention methods so that you can avoid losing your passport altogether, and then I provide solutions to help if you ever lose your passport or if it is stolen.


1. Keep Copies– Always travel with a copy of your passport, this can be an electronic copy or a paper copy. If you ever need to have your passport replaced, the process will be a lot quicker if you have a copy to prove citizenship.

2. Placement– Always keep your passport in a safe place, and do not let it out of your sight. It should always be hidden. If you give your passport to someone at the airport, always immediately place it back in a safe place. Never put it on counters, nightstands, or any random places. If you are juggling a lot at the airport counter, put everything away, and handle one thing at a time.

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3. Storage– It is best to store your passport in the same area because the likelihood of losing it is decreased when you keep it in a minimum number of places. I always store my passport in the same area in my purse or a safe. It does not get stored anywhere else. When it is time to retrieve your passport, you know exactly where it is. Your passport also needs to be stored in something that cannot easily be snatched.

4. Handling– Only take your passport out when you need to; otherwise, it is best to keep it put away the entire time you are traveling.

5. Stay Alert– Criminals will intentionally distract you so that they can snatch your passport. This is not as big of an issue if it is put away, but always be on guard, and pay attention to your surroundings.

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What to do if Your Passport is Lost or Stolen

  1. File A Police Report– Depending on the situation, this may or may not be necessary. If your passport is stolen, definitely file a report. Once you file the report, get two copies- one for your records one for the Embassy.
  2. Contact the Embassy– Your goal is to get a new passport as soon as possible. Contact the embassy and advise that your passport was stolen. You will be required to take passport photos and pay the fee required for a new passport.
  3. Call The Airline– Emergency passports are typically replaced within one hour, but if you need to reschedule your flight, it is important to call the airline as soon as possible. You may also need to extend your hotel stay.

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  1.  1. Always purchase travel insurance. This helps if you lose your passport. You may be reimbursed for some of the fees if you need to extend your hotel stay or change your flight. It will also help if you need to cancel your trip.

I am here to address your fears so that everyone can travel and feel at ease. Do you have any fears in regards to international travel? Comment below, and I will address it in a future episode.

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