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12 Ways to Survive Long Flights

I think I’m alone in this one, but I love long flights. In my daily life, I rarely sit still for 10+ hours straight, so I look forward to long trips. People always ask me how I manage on a long flight. Let’s discuss 12 things that you can do to survive a long flight.

1. Watch A Movie or TV Show
Watching movies is my number one favorite thing to do while flying. I’m usually behind on movies. The movies in flight are generally new releases. Flight time is a great time to watch all of the movies that you meant to see at the theatre.

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2. Listen to Music
I don’t know about you, but I can always zone out to Drake or Rihanna. Turn in your favorite album and zone out for an hour or longer.

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3. Sleep
I usually don’t get much sleep before I travel. I’m on a flight now, and I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before my travels. Some people can’t sleep on planes, but if you can, why not knock out 6-8 hours of your trip by going to sleep. Sleeping on a flight isn’t the most relaxing, but you will be rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running once you land.

4. Read
Is there a book that you haven’t finished? Now is the perfect time to catch up on a book, read information about your destination, or indulge in your favorite magazine. I binge magazines like people binge tv shows.

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5. Write
I’m actually on my way to somewhere in Asia as I’m typing this article. Flight time is the perfect time to write. Whether you have a blog, or love to write, get your thoughts on paper. Maybe you’re on your way to a wedding, or dream vacation. Write down things you want to accomplish when you get to your destination.

6. Eat
If you’re on a long flight, chances are you will be served food several times. I know flight food isn’t always the best, but take your time and enjoy your meal. Perhaps you will try a new dish.

7. Talk
If you’re traveling with a companion, you can always pass the time by engaging in conversation. If you’re like me, you can talk just about anyone. I’ve had the most amazing conversations with strangers.

8. Play Games
Do you like to play games? I can spend hours playing games on my phone or computer. This is a good time to catch up and beat a new level.

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9. Meditate
Nothing like pondering deep in thought. We all have something that we need to can intensely think about. Lean your seat back, relax, and get lost in your thoughts.

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10. Plan Your Next Trip
There is nothing like planning a trip while you’re on your way to a destination. There are so many components to trip planning. I made changes to an existing trip while I was flying, and the changes saved me money.

11. Work
If you’re able to work remote, this is a great time to get some work done. By the time you get to your destination, maybe you can put a dent on a project.

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12. Entertain
If you’re a parent, most of your attention will be spent entertaining your kids. By the time you’re done tending to them, the flight will be over. Good luck! If you’re headed on a baecation, maybe you can…nevermind!

Hopefully, the tips listed will make your flight more enjoyable. If you have any suggestions, please list them in the comments.


  1. Haven’t been on a plane in so long but I love your tips so much! Looking forward to putting them to use in 2020!

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