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Bruised in Canggu, Bali

Shera leaves the villa every night and goes walking. Walking in itself is not a crime, but she comes back with awful bruises. The first bruise was a big black bruise on her left arm. Then next night, she returned with a bruise on her right knee. We all wanted to know where she went, and what adventures awaited her in the night. The way she smiled when we asked where she was going lead us all to believe a man was involved. I was perplexed, and the suspense was killing me. It was time to get to the bottom of the mystery. I decided to follow her. I got dressed and sat in my room and waited until she announced her nightly escapade. Around 10 pm, the time had come. “I am going for a walk,” she exclaimed. She ran out the door, and I waited a few moments and darted past the gate behind her. Security looked at me and smiled. He locked the door behind me, and I was off.


The sunset was like something that I had never seen. It was neon pink & purple- truly a picture-perfect night. I ran a quarter of a mile down the driveway until I reached the road. Shera walked briskly down the sidewalk. My heart raced as I ducked and hid behind people to remain hidden. “Vroom,” I heard the sound of many motorcycles as I walked down the road. Drinking, partying, and laughing – the atmosphere in Canggu was one of celebration. “Tip-tap,” I could hear the sounds of the heels from the partygoers as they ran from the bar and hopped into their cabs. “Stay focused Karisha,” I thought to myself. The moment came, she went into a building, but due to the shadows, I could not see the sign. After a closer view, it was a doctor’s office. I thought to myself, “Why is she in a doctor’s office?” She talked to the man at the front desk. He gave her a piece of paper, and she quickly turned and went out the door. I was confused. Bring on the mystery!

She ran and sometimes jumped down the street. When she jumped, I jumped. She took large steps. I tool large steps. She went into a bar, ordered a red frozen drink, and sat at a table. After about 10 minutes, a man sat down beside her. I knew it! She was there to meet a man. They exchanged words, and she smiled. He got up and walked away, looking let down. The look of confusion came upon my face. She got up and danced. Her long black hair draped down her back as she moved her hips to the beat. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She turned to her left, and I quickly turned my head to keep my identity concealed. She took her drink to the bar, and exchanged words with the bartender, but promptly left the bar. I followed behind her, but as soon as I reached the street, she was gone. I panicked, where could she have gone that fast. I turned to the left and back to the right. I spun around. I looked but did not see her. I looked across the street, and there she was inside a convenience store. She took her time walking down each aisle. She briefly spoke to the store clerk but left empty-handed. Once again, she was off.

She sped down the street. She dogged motorcycles as she crossed the road. Someone shouted obscenities, and she laughed. My heart pounded, and I started to break out into a sweat. “What are you doing, this is insane,” I thought to myself, but I knew that at any moment her secrets would be revealed. Sweat rolled down my face, and thoughts raced through my head. She dropped her phone. I immediately hid behind a building. She grabbed her phone and ran down the street, as her hair flowed in the wind. All of a sudden, BOOM! “Ahhhhhhh.” I heard a loud scream. Shera had fallen and was almost devoured by a large square hole in the ground. Her entire right leg was swallowed by the massive gap in the pavement. I grabbed her hand to help her out, and as I pulled her out of the enormous hole in the ground, I noticed yet another massive bruise on her leg. She grabbed my hand and looked deep into my eyes. Her brows were furrowed as she stated, “Karisha, have you been following me?”

Author Revelations: I love to advise by storytelling. This story was a fun way to inform you, but please be careful. If you have been to Bali, you know that there are holes in the pavements and sidewalks. Sometimes they catch you off guard. Safe travels!

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