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7 Things to do When Visiting Cairo, Egypt

Egypt was one of the most memorable trips that I have ever taken. There is an abundance of history in Egypt, and if you love culture, you are in for the thrill of a lifetime. If you can make it, please go to Egypt at least once in your lifetime.

When visiting Egypt, you will most likely start in Cairo. Here are seven must-do things to experience while visiting Cairo.

1. Pyramids of Egypt
You simply cannot go to Egypt without viewing the pyramids. There are many to choose from, but about 10 miles outside of Cairo, you must visit the Giza Necropolis. The pyramids of Giza are the three main pyramids that you see on the Giza complex. Included in the Giza pyramids is the Great Pyramid. It is the only wonder from the original list of seven that is still standing today. The great Sphinx is also located at Giza. It is a limestone statue that has the body of a lion and head of a human. The Sphinx is my favorite pyramid. There is something insanely captivating about this structure.


2. Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian museum is another must-see when visiting Cairo. The museum has over 120,000 Egyptian antiques and houses the most extensive collection of ancient artifacts in the world. A few of my favorite items is the museum was the Colossus of Ramesses II, Queen Hatshepsut’s head, the statue of a seated scribe, and the statue of Khafre- Pharaoh Khafre is the builder of the Sphinx and the second pyramid at Giza. His statue was found next to the Sphinx.

3. Khan el-Khalili Bazaar
If your brain has been overloaded with an immense amount of knowledge, it is finally time to head to the Egyptian Bazaar. The Bazaar has everything that you could want- food, drinks, and shopping galore. One of the most fascinating items that I purchased at the Bazaar was the mask that King Tutankhamun was wearing when he was excavated. I also bought magnets and mugs. The Bazaar is a huge tourist attraction, but I love the fact that locals shop there as well.



4. Pyramid of Djoser
The Pyramid of Djoser is located in Saqqara necropolis, but many visit while they are staying in Cairo because it is only 45 minutes outside of Cairo. The step pyramid of Djoser is older than the Great Pyramid and dates back to the third dynasty. It is the earliest example of a large scale stone construction in Egypt.


5. Nile Cruise
It is finally time to relax and take a trip down the Nile. This cruise takes you from Old Cairo to New Cairo. The Nile cruise includes an open buffet dinner, and there are also belly dancers and a Tanoura show. Be ready, you may be called to join the dancers.

6. Hanging Church
Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the oldest churches in Egypt. When King Herod was searching for Jesus to kill him, Mary and Joseph fled with him to Egypt and took shelter in the hanging church.


7. Khayrat Elsham
It would not be right if I did not include at least one restaurant on this list. Khayrat Elsham offers Syrian cuisine, with Egyptian influence. Please do not go to Egypt and miss out on this delicious food. I had chicken, rice, and vegetables.


Have you been to Cairo? What was your favorite thing to do? If you have not been, what are you looking forward to the most?

Here is a Youtube video of my trip to Cairo, Egypt.


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Can’t wait to do some of these things when I visit soon!

  2. Iā€™m definitely putting Egypt on my travel list! A Nile River Cruise sold me. Iā€™m also heading over to your YouTube.

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