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6 Friends to Include on Your Girls Trip

Girls Trippin’ 4 Part Series
Part 2 OF 4: 6 Friends To Include on Your Girls Trip

The Friend That Has Money
Let’s be real, nobody is going anywhere if they can’t pay. This friend has money and is ready to pay as soon as you mention you are taking a girl’s trip. She isn’t on the trip penny pinching every transaction. If you want to do that once in a lifetime exclusion that is $400. Your friend with money will see the value, and be ready and willing to pay for it. No convincing is needed; she will cash out!

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The Friend That Gets Along With Almost Everyone
To have the best experience, people need to get along, they don’t have to be friends for life, but they do need to get along during the trip. No-one wants to go on vacation and have to deal with drama because someone has a lousy attitude. If you want to have a great trip, invite people that get along with others.


The Fun Friend
This is the friend that turns up and gets the party started. There is no girl’s trip without having fun. This friend is amazing to be around and knows how to break the ice. She will dance when no one else is dancing. She will go on stage when everyone else is timid. She is the life of the party.


The Responsible Friend
This friend is the voice of reason when a bad decision comes into play. She will warn you that danger may be ahead. It’s a girl’s trip, but we still have to exercise caution and be responsible. Everyone wants to have fun, but you also want to avoid jail time and come back home in one piece.

The Travel Guru
This friend is a professional trip planner and traveler. She travels a lot and can help you avoid common travel mistakes. She will prevent the crew from showing up to the airport without visas. She will find the most practical flight. She knows all of the hot spots for photos.

Your Favorite Cousin
She will turn up with you, and she has your back. Regardless of what happens on the trip, she is right by your side. You can confide in her, and she knows how to keep what happened in Vegas under wraps. She had known you your whole life, and she “gets” you. She will help put the family at ease about the trip. Best of all, cousins are our first best friends, and there is nothing like traveling with someone that you love dearly.


Do you have a particular type of friend that you love to include on your girls trip? Please comment below and let me know.

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