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5 Reasons to Visit Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

Phi Phi Islands in Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Six islands make up the Phi Phi Islands:
Phi Phi Don
Phi Phi Leh
Koh Young
Koh Pai
Koh Bida Noi
Koh Bida Nai

All of the islands are beautiful, and it is possible to see them all in one day if you choose to. From the moment that you step on the boat, you will be captivated by the beauty of each island. If you visit Phuket, I encourage you to take a boat ride to Phi Phi Islands and witness paradise on earth. The boat ride is about an hour and a half from Phuket. If you still need convincing, here are five reasons why you need to visit Koh Phi Phi Islands.

1. The Beaches
The sand is soft, and the water is clear. Not only is the water clear, but it is also warm. Imagine jumping off the top of the boat, and landing in warm water with pretty turquoise fish swimming. Phi Phi is the type of paradise that you dream about. Whether you want to relax or party- Phi Phi has something for you.


2. The Scenery
The scenery is like something out a movie or magazine, but better. Have you ever seen the movie The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio? It was filmed at Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh. You will arrive and realize that even the best camera used to film movies cannot capture the true beauty. The movie did the island no justice at all. You have to see it for yourself.


3. The Food
To accommodate visitors from all over the world, the Phi Phi Islands offer food from all over the world. It also has some of the most delicious Thai food. Since it is an island, there is a lot of fresh seafood and fruit. There are also many bakeries and fruit shops to choose from. Imagine juice running down your lip while biting into a juicy mango, but you don’t care because you are about to hop into warm island water in about two seconds. Ummm Paradise!

IMG_6624IMG_6625 2

4. The Weather
Phi Phi Islands is off the Andaman coast and has beautiful sunny days most of the year. Of course, it’s also susceptible to the Thai rainy season, but even then, it’s doesn’t rain for several days at a time. It is usually a short downpour, followed by several days of the hot sun.

IMG_6901 2

5. The Prices
The prices are reasonable, and you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy yourself. The average meal is about 135 baht per person.

What are you waiting for? Oh, COVIC-19 to pass! Well, health and safety first, but as soon as we see better days, I recommend booking your next trip to Phuket Thailand and taking the first boat to Phi Phi Islands. No rush, we have a lifetime!


Please check out my Phi Phi Islands Travel Vlog Here:

Is Thailand on your bucket list? Where in Thailand are you interested in visiting?


  1. Hey Karisha,

    Loved your highlights here, some of those pics are lush! I did a teaching program in Thailand a while back but I certainly plan to visit for a second time and hit up some new locations. Let me know if there are any other beauty spots you recommend! Cheers, Katy xo.

  2. I didn’t have it on my physical list, but I have always wanted to go, so I just wrote it down to manifest it. It’s such a beautiful place from what I can see in pictures. I’m sold on all the reasons you wrote down. I even had to backtrack on that food.

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