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100 Ways to Afford to Travel More

One of the most popular travel-related questions is, “How Do You Afford To Travel” I afford to travel by woking. There are so many ways to make money to travel more. I compiled a list of 100 things that you can do to afford to travel. This list is not a get rich quick list. Some of the suggestions offer fast money, and others require hard work upfront with a huge payout later.

  1. Reduce Debt and Bills (Cut out all unnecessary items)
  2. Uber and Uber Eats
  3. DoorDash
  4. Sell Investments
  5. Part-Time Job
  6. High-Interest Savings Account
  7. Save a Portion Of Each Paycheck
  8. Sell Items On eBay
  9. Sell Travel Photos
  10. Freelance Writing

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  11. Start a Youtube Channel
  12. Invest in and Sell Stocks
  13. Create Crafts and Sell on Etsy
  14. Overtime at Current Employer
  15. Offer Music Lessons
  16. Create and Sell a Course on Udeme
  17. Start a Blog
  18. Take Online Surveys
  19. Become a Virtual Assistant
  20. Rent Out an Extra Room in Your Home

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  21. Offer Tours in Your Current City
  22. Mystery Shopping
  23. Swagbucks Online
  24. Use Ebates
  25. Have a Garage Sale
  26. Babysit
  27. Use Credit Card Rewards
  28. InstaCart
  29. Dog Walking
  30. Obtain Excellent Credit
  31. Open a Poshmark Store

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  32. Tutor Students
  33. Housesit
  34. Freelance Proofread
  35. Freelance Editor
  36. Instagram Advertising
  37. Digital Marketing For Brands
  38. Make T-Shirts
  39. Bake Cakes
  40. Open a C.D. and Start Saving More
  41. Social Media Manager
  42. Web Design
  43. Affiliate Marketing
  44. Write an Ebook
  45. Resume Help
  46. Develop an App
  47. Become a Translator
  48. Logo Design
  49. Become a Fitness Trainerbodybuilder-weight-training-stress-38630.jpeg
  50. Donate Plasma
  51. Pet Sitting
  52. Notary Services
  53. Prepare Taxes
  54. Become a Life Coach
  55. Become a Wedding Planner
  56. Become a Travel Agent
  57. Become a Photographer
  58. Become an Interior Designer
  59. Create Grant Proposals
  60. Create Business Plans
  61. Create Marketing Plans
  62. SAT Prep
  63. Event Planning
  64. Cut Grass
  65. Rake Leaves
  66. Remove Snow
  67. Place an Add On Your Car
  68. Become a Travel Agent
  69. Deliver Newspapers
  70. Look For Odd Jobs in the Newspaper and Craigslist
  71. Style Hair
  72. Manicure and Pedicure Services

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  73. Clean Houses
  74. Start a Podcast
  75. Dog Grooming
  76. Home Healthcare
  77. Become a Relator
  78. Clean Windows
  79. Mystery Shopper
  80. Get a Promotion
  81. Ask For a Raise
  82. Online Tutoring
  83. Create a Webinar
  84. Become a Model
  85. Become a Brand Ambassador
  86. Meal Prepping Services

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  87. Get Paid to Watch Movies
  88. Test Websites
  89. Sell Lesson Plans
  90. Online Focus Groups
  91. Start an In-Home Daycare
  92. Calligraphy Services
  93. Make Meals & Sell Them
  94. Rent Your Car to Others
  95. Sell Old Phones & Electronics
  96. Sell Your Junk Mail
  97. Grow a Startup
  98. Sell Software
  99. Become an Online Coach
  100. Use Your Talents- Create something, do something, sell something, be something to someone, and get PAID. There is so much money out here to be made. 

Do any of the items listed help you travel more? If you have any tips to help another person achieve their dream of traveling the world, please list them in the comments. Happy traveling.

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